Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Annex Residents Write TAMPOA About Gate

Some Annex residents have written today to the TAMPOA Board about the gate on Southard Street and the Navy opposition. Here is the letter sent to the board and with which many have told the board they agree:

"A group of us who continue to be concerned about the Board's positions re Southard Street e-mail back and forth. None of us believe that a gate at Southard is a necessary element of a satisfactory settlement of the on-going (and overly expensive) dispute. Since 1989, we have been without a gate at Southard and Thomas, without significant detriment. We consider that Southard is quite a different kind of street than Caroline, Eaton and Fleming. The developer (Singh) also thought so and acted accordingly when gating the community. Those residents who purchased property on Southard also knew there was a difference. We also believe that the Navy will never tolerate a gate that obstructs access to their important facilities. They have an easement and so should the City. Southard leads to a state park and beach, the Navy facilities, and hopefully to a waterfront park. Even though we do own a small piece of it, with public roads on either end, we must live with the idea that the commmunity requires access to the waterfront. However, we strongly support all efforts to provide ingress and egress thru other Bahama Village streets. The more streets, the better. Which ever streets are finally designated do not, and will not, have gates. Neither should Southard. We can all live with it, as we have for 18 years. However, we cannot live with Southard being the only route to the waterfront. So, concentrate on this issue, please, and forget the gate. And keep in mind that the arguments above do not even touch upon the disasterous public relations to which a gate at that location gives rise."

[Name withheld to protect privacy.]


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